JKS Engineering Laboratory provides customers with better understanding for superior cleaning solution. With high technology testing machine and trained staff, JKS Lab convinces customers in solving their cleaning problems.

Measuring 2797 square feet, JKS Lab fill with various kinds of facilities that ready to be used during testing anytime including the Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank ranging from 25 kHz to 500 kHz, Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine, Conveyor Cleaning Machine and Cyclone. For a real application of machine manufactured, Deionized Water (DIW) and high quality of chemicals are used during testing to prove customers with the cleaning solution proposed by JKS Engineering.

In JKS Engineering, we focus on ultrasonic ability for cleaning purposes. Through that, we help customers to improve the quality and performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and develop trusted products. Not just the Ultrasonic, we discover beyond the Ultrasonic by implementing Plasma technology and CO2 for better cleaning satisfaction and better efficiency.